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Part Nr: h0005 ?

Head of Klicky, with notch for beard

Colour : Skin White f
Weight: 1.3 g
Dimensions: 2.0000 x 1.0000 x 1.0000 cm

74 available (0.30 €)
Playmobil© h0005
Non-divisible part(checked against used set/loose parts by admin)

Parts with the same shape (Detailed list)

h0006Playmobil h0006
(Head of Klicky, with notch for beard)
27 available
h0007Playmobil h0007
(Head of Klicky, with notch for beard)
37 available
h0008Playmobil h0008
(Head of Klicky, with notch for beard, with freckles)
8 available
h0010Playmobil h0010
(Head of Klicky, with eyebrowses)
2 available
h0009Playmobil h0009
(Head of Klicky, with clown pattern)
5 available
h0011Playmobil h0011
(Head of Klicky, with little brown mustache)
4 available
h0012Playmobil h0012
(Head of Klicky, with curly black mustache)
2 available
h0013Playmobil h0013
(Head of Klicky, with thick black mustache)
h0014Playmobil h0014
(Head of Klicky, with curly brown mustache)
3 available
h0015Playmobil h0015
(Head of Klicky, with modern silver glasses)
h0016Playmobil h0016
(Head of Klicky, with silver glasses and grey mustache)
5 available
h0017Playmobil h0017
(Head of Klicky, with freckles and eyebrowses)
1 available
h0018Playmobil h0018
(Head of Klicky, with long curly black mustache)
1 available
h0023Playmobil h0023
(Head of Klicky, with rosy cheek)
10 available
h0024Playmobil h0024
(Head of Klicky, with rosy cheek and lower eyelashes)
3 available
h0025Playmobil h0025
(Head of Klicky, with rosy cheek, lower eyelashes and eyebrowses)
20 available
h0027Playmobil h0027
(Head of Klicky, unshaven with eye patch on left eye)
h0028Playmobil h0028
(Head of Klicky, with angry eyebrowses)
1 available
h0029Playmobil h0029
(Head of Klicky, with eye patch on right eye)
5 available
h0030Playmobil h0030
(Head of Klicky, asian eyes, angry eyebrowses and thin moustache and beard)
2 available
h0031Playmobil h0031
(Head of Klicky, with ornaments)
1 available
h0032Playmobil h0032
(Head of Klicky, with silver glasses)
h0033Playmobil h0033
(Head of Klicky, with smoked glasses)
7 available
h0100Playmobil h0100
(Head of Klicky, red, with green eyes)
1 available
h0101Playmobil h0101
(Head of Klicky, light blue)
h0102Playmobil h0102
(Head of Klicky, golden, with green eyes)
2 available
h0103Playmobil h0103
(Head of Klicky, silver, with red eyes)
2 available
h0034Playmobil h0034
(Head of Klicky, with rosy cheek, lower eyelashes, eyebrowses and lipstick)
h0040Playmobil h0040
(Head of Klicky, asian eyes)
h0035Playmobil h0035
(Head of Klicky, with rosy cheek, lower eyelashes and eyebrowses)
30637333Playmobil 30637333
(Head of Klicky, with small eyebrowses)
h0104Playmobil h0104
(Head of Klicky, Ghost pirate)
12 available
h0105Playmobil h0105
(Head of Klicky, Ghost pirate)
3 available
h0036Playmobil h0036
(Head of Klicky, unshaven, with notch for beard)
7 available
h0037Playmobil h0037
(Head of Klicky, angry eyebrowses, with notch for beard)
7 available
h0039Playmobil h0039
(Head of Klicky, angry eyebrowses, unshaven with notch for beard)
7 available
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