Playmobil® parts & sets: database and second-hand

Terms of sale

1. Items

1.1 Used items

Except in the case of error, the items on sale are all genuine Playmobil® parts. These are used products, which excludes all quality guarantees related to new Playmobil® sets and parts. We therefore offer no guarantee as to the quality of the parts and disclaim any liability for damage resulting from their use.

Nevertheless the parts put on sale are normally in a good state of conservation. Rare pieces can nevertheless be sold with defects (major discoloration, broken parts ...). In this case, this is always mentioned in the description of the part offered for sale. It is your responsibility to read the descriptions of the parts you buy.

For each type of part, the photo shows a random example. The objects actually sold can therefore differ slightly (presence of sticker, scratches, light discoloration...).


1.2 Classification of articles

The best attention has been given to the classification of articles. However an encoding error is always possible. We are not responsible for any improper order or use that may result from such an error. In addition, we are always looking for information to correct errors (see Contact).

1.3 Availability of items

The availability of items is also mentioned in good faith, and updated as often as possible. Errors are possible, however; we cannot therefore be held responsible for the non-availability of an item described as available. The customer has the right, in this case, to cancel the entire order.

2. Price

The prices mentioned are only valid at the time of the order; they can be changed without notice. They are given in euros, all taxes included. In case of an item which is not available, its price is given only as an indication and can be modified at the time of its return in stock.

3. The client

Only people aged 18 or over and domiciled in the European Economic Area can place an order on this site.

4. The Order

4.1 Cancellation of order

Any order can be canceled within 7 days. However, repeated cancellations may be a reason for the seller to delete the customer's account from the site and to refuse any subsequent transaction with him.

4.2 Payment

After validation of the order by the customer, an automatic confirmation email is sent to him. After the shipping costs have been calculated by the seller (fees depending on the total weight, volume and weight of the package), the buyer will receive an email stating the total amount due. The seller is not required to prepare the package before payment and it is therefore an estimate of the shipping costs, which may not correspond exactly to the actual postal rate. Even if a difference exists, whether it is in the favor of the buyer or the seller, it is the amount communicated which is due.

The order is not really confirmed until payment has been made. If, after 7 days, no payment is received, the order is canceled and the products put back for sale.

4.3 Delivery of the order

Delivery is normally made by post, to the address indicated by the customer. It is therefore important for the customer to verify this address; we will not be responsible for the loss of a shipment due to an error in the address. Packaging and postal charges are borne by the customer. They are estimated according to the weight of the articles and postal rates, included in the document Frais de port. This estimate is intended to be as accurate as possible (see however point 4.2).

4.4 Delivery guarantee

Some types of delivery include a guarantee of safe arrival (delivery follow-up). They are shown in bold in the document Frais de port. Those marked with an asterisk do not offer any guarantee. The loss of a package sent with a delivery of this type would be entirely attributable to you. You can always ask us (in the comment field that you can fill at the end of your order) to add the "recommended" option.

In the case of a shipment paid by PayPal, the option "recommended" is mandatory for delivery types that do not include delivery tracking.

4.5 Delay in the delivery

Unless there is a special arrangement between the seller and the customer, orders are normally sent within two working weeks (in Belgium) from receipt of payment. We are not responsible for the postal delivery time.

4.6 Right of return

The customer has the right to return, within three working days and at his expense, an article that does not correspond to his expectation. He can also send back and replace an item that arrives damaged. In any case, the customer must first contact the seller (at the e-mail address where the payment information was sent) to report the problem. The item must be returned with its original packaging, if necessary in new packaging of the same type, to ensure good shipping conditions, failing which we can refuse the refund.